We Love You! Don’t Come To Church This Sunday! (March 15, 2020)

Service Auction Update

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to postpone the Service Auction at this time.  We’re hoping to reschedule it soon, so stay tuned for updates. 

Church Life During the Pandemic

Things have certainly spiraled this week.  The news each day prompts uncertainty and concern.  At FUUSM, we want all our members and friends to be safe and healthy.  As a Church community, we have a significant role to play in the prevention of illness and the response to outbreaks when they occur.  Here are some of the measures we’re taking to help prevent the spread and prepare for proper response. 

– The UUA has issued an advisory that churches should not have gatherings of more than 25 people, so effective immediately we will be suspending our in-sanctuary Sunday services.  We will be offering a virtual service experience and will be sending out an update on that as soon as we can.  Small groups are welcome to continue meeting at the church, at the group’s discretion.  If you decide not to meet, please contact the office so we don’t heat an empty building.

– We’re urging everyone to follow current advisories from public health officials.  This includes observing safe personal protection habits (e.g., social distancing, shielding coughs and sneezes, hand-washing) and helping protect the most vulnerable by keeping away from gatherings if you are ill.  We’re also encouraging everyone to consult with their personal health care providers with specific questions and concerns about individual vulnerability.

– We’ll be deep cleaning and sanitizing common surfaces weekly.

– We’re ensuring availability of supplies to clean and sanitize, such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

– We’re continually monitoring public health advisories from local public health officials and will adapt our plans and practices accordingly.

In this time of increased fear and isolation, our lay pastoral care team and caring network are available to help address concerns and needs.  We’ll be at church and answering phones and emails.  We don’t want people to feel isolated, so please help our teams by reaching out to each other.  Times like these remind us of the interconnected web of all existence.  Let’s do all we can to nurture the health of the web and truly live out our Principles. 

Please look for the second message from us today: instructions on how to join us on Sunday morning.

Stay safe. 
The Parish Committee and Reverend Sarah 

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