Social Justice

The Social Action Committee, chaired by Lauren Haugh, is continuing a long tradition of advocacy and action on social issues. The Committee strives to educate the congregation about local, national, and global concerns while identifying activities and projects that benefit individuals, families, and the community.

The Social Action Committee encourages the congregation to inform area legislators of their views on a variety of social issues through letter writing  initiatives.

We also have available  a “Help”  brochure of community resources for families and individuals in crisis, linking those individuals to the many support systems in our community:

As a “Welcoming Congregation” we support the rights of gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals in our society and welcome their full participation in our community.  We support the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Service Committee in its efforts around the world and the UUA’s Urban Ministry program in inner city areas.


The Racial Justice Planning Committee has been meeting since July 28 on a weekly basis. It is co-chaired by Deanne Bonnar and Natalie Johnson, who meet weekly with Reverend Sarah to plan the work. We have followed the charge given to us by the PC to develop options and a process by which FUUSM can become actively involved in racial justice work. There are fifteen people who attend regularly. At the outset, we outlined four areas for possible development by the committee. Those areas are personal growth relative to issues of racism, education, advocacy and service. It was decided to focus on the first three areas and to investigate moving into service after we had done some work in the other areas.

The committee also felt it was important for those of us who are planning for the congregation to work on our own personal growth together. For the first several weeks, we worked on personal growth issues. Later, we split our weekly meeting into two parts. The first part of our meetings is focused on personal growth work.  We have established a covenant for engagement, shared our hopes and fears about this work, looked at our own personal racial/ethnic autobiographies considered white privilege, and will be going into white identity, micro aggressions and the uses and management of conflict.

The second part of our meetings is used to work in task groups. The groups are self-growth, education and advocacy.  The self-growth and education task groups have a lot of overlap and are working on series which will include introductory personal growth discussions and films followed by facilitated discussions. The advocacy task force is working on a congregational survey. Currently, we hope to be finished with our planning work by mid to late October.  At that point, we will present options to the PC and then to the congregation at large.

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