New Year Countdown 2021

New Year Countdown

Countdown 2021 is Here!

We had a delightful evening of extraordinary music celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021! Kudo’s to all of the FUUSM performers.  For those who missed the show (or want to see it again), the video is still available.  Just click on the video image below.

To view the concert, just click on the video image below:

After the video opens, click on the small box in the lower right corner to expand the picture to full screen.

Click on the link below to download a printable program with a listing of all performances.

Countdown2021 program

Countdown 2021 is free, but if you would like to make a donation to the church to support its ongoing activities, click here.

Thanks once again to Stephen Larrett, Tony Soares, Susan Hotchkiss, and Andrea Priest (who organized the restaurant meals) and to all the performers for creating another year of New Year’s entertainment!

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